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Division of Applications Services

Application Services designs, develops and implements web-based information systems for ETA Program Offices. These systems use leading edge web technologies and reliable, secure databases to provide timely information and automated tools which empower ETA employees and partners to do their jobs better, and faster thus saving time and money.

Some of the applications developed and maintained by the Division of Applications Services:

E-Grants The Department of Labor is currently deploying an enterprise wide electronic grants system. Entitled E-Grants, the system will provide all grant making agencies within DOL and the public they serve with an electronic means by which grants can be advertised, applied for, and processed. The basis for this project is in keeping with the President’s Management Agenda which calls for measured improvement in service to constituents, elimination of redundant processes, and improved efficiencies.

Specifically, the E-Grants system will interface with to allow DOL grants to be published, advertised, and applied for. is the Federal portal created to facilitate on-line advertising of grants and to allow the public to submit grant applications electronically. Once applied for, the grant application package will be brought directly into the DOL E-Grants system and processed electronically throughout the four phases of the grant process: Pre-Award, Award, Post-Award, and Close-out. Potential grantees will be able to track their application throughout processing and, if awarded, the grantee will be able to submit all reporting requirements electronically.

The E-Grants system was released in November 2006. Its delivery marks one of many initiatives DOL is undertaking to improve customer service by enhancing technological capabilities.

Web Services Under the leadership of the ETA Webmaster, the Web Services group maintains the internal and external web pages for ETA, maintains the hardware to support the thousands of web pages on ETA sites, and works with the Department to formulate and implement web policy and procedures. Web Services works with Content Managers across all the ETA program and regional offices to develop and maintain websites and content vital to the mission of the agency.

The Web Services group evaluates developing technologies for adoption into the technical environment of ETA and DOL. Web Services also develops and customizes web-based applications for implementation in the ETA work environment.

Registered Apprentice Information System (RAPIDS) RAPIDS is a web-based tool that allows Apprenticeship Training Representatives (ATRs) to register apprenticeship programs, register occupational tracks in those programs, and register apprentices within those occupational tracks.

Data Management/Dashboard Displays Subsystem allows grantee access to grant-based Data Management/Dashboards, and provides an "ad hoc" reporting capability to the program offices. Soon to be added, an Oracle Business Intelligence tool which will provide an "ad hoc" query capability and "drill down" functionality.

National Emergency Grants (NEGs) and NEG e-Review On-line Grant application submissions for state agencies experiencing natural disasters or economic impact due to industry closings or lay-offs. It includes an internal case management module for review and processing applications.

The Office of Foreign Labor Certification systems support the H-1B, H-2B, H-2A, and Permanent programs. Most of the systems allow employers to register online, create a company profile, complete an application, and electronically save and submit it. Several sub-systems also contain an internal case management and tracking system for review and processing of applications.