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Division of Technology Operations

This Division provides daily and ongoing operational activities for ETA's national and regional networks, Oracle database and application servers, Unix and ColdFusion administration, and Domain Name Service(DNS) for ETA's internal customers and external stakeholders. In addition, manage the production, test, and development environments for systems and applications in ETA.

Functional Areas

  • Provides ongoing Database and Unix system support for ETA's mission critical applications, which include Foreign Labor Certification (FLC), E-Grants and Enterprise Business Support System (EBSS).

  • Provides tape backup services for production, test and development applications and file & print services.

  • Maintains and upgrades the ETA WAN/LAN technological infrastructure for National Office and Regional Office network connectivity.

  • Provides Microsoft e-mail capability utilizing Microsoft Exchange for national and regional office users.

  • Upgrades network switches and routers for the ultimate in network performance.

  • Maintains ETA's IT Disaster Recovery Site.

  • Ensures security safeguards are in place for ETA's network.

  • Respond to and handle computer security incidents.

  • Manages all activities associated with video conferencing for the agency.

  • Provides technical and infrastructure support for the Office of Workforce Security (OWS) Unemployment Insurance (UI) Service Systems.

  • Ensures that the security work products for Certification and Accreditation under the Federal Information Security Management Act and other Federal system security requirements.

  • Maintain and support the hardware platform and infrastructure for both the State and Federal systems.

  • Maintain and support the State and Federal OWS software applications.

  • Maintain technical support (Help Desk) for OWS-UI users at both the State and Federal levels.

  • Provides ongoing support for ETA's mission critical applications.

  • Supports development and test environments.

  • Assists developers with database SQL language, database designs, procedures, JavaScript, and debugging CF syntax.

  • Configures and maintains DNS.

  • Provides Web application support to ETA's customers and end-users.

  • Negotiates with vendors on software and hardware procurements.

  • Plans and recommends hardware and software configurations/ upgrades to customers and development teams.

  • Forecasts software and hardware upgrade cycles.

  • Coordinates and schedules the release of new software upgrades.

  • Provides Web hosting services for ETA applications.

  • Researches and evaluates new technologies for ETA's Web and database architecture, as well as the hardware infrastructure.

  • Monitors intrusion threats for database, Web servers, and Web-based applications.

  • Manages a team of support personnel who troubleshoot IT issues in ETA.

  • Ensures maximum issue resolutions in minimum time.

  • Provides support to the ETA's Network Operations Team.

  • Evaluate new IT products and/or services and recommends changes to existing products or services to better aide the ETA end-user community.

  • Manages software inventory and oversee ETA's holdings to ensure compliance with vendor and General Service Administration/Department of Labor licensing requirements and copyright laws.

  • Established guidelines and procedures for an on-site ETA test lab for applications and network components.

  • Oversees information technology library for ETA and procures new textbooks as technology changes.