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Tools and Software for Data Validation

Data Validation
The accuracy and reliability of program reports submitted by states and grantees using Federal funds are fundamental elements of good public administration, and are necessary tools for maintaining and demonstrating system integrity. The President's Management Agenda to improve the management and performance of the Federal government has emphasized the importance of complete information for program monitoring and improving program results.

Data Validation Software
States and grantees can use these tools to validate data. The ETA software can also be used to generate the aggregate information required in reports submitted to ETA. States and grantees that use the software provided by ETA to generate this aggregate information will not be required to perform report validation.


What's New in Data Validation as of 6/27/2012

Notice: The Employment and Training Administration (ETA) is delaying its implementation of the Enterprise Data Validation and Reporting System (E-DRVS) for Workforce Investment Act (WIA) programs. In previous notifications, ETA scheduled WIA implementation to begin in the 4th quarter of Program Year (PY) 2011 (quarter ending 6/30/2012; with quarterly reports due 8/15/2012, WIASRD due 9/15/2012, and Annual reporting due 10/1/2012). The implementation of E-DRVS for WIA programs will now coincide with the Wagner-Peyser program implementation date of the 1st quarter of PY 2012 (quarter ending 9/30/2012; quarterly and WIASRD reporting due 11/15/2012). Quarterly, Annual, WIASRD, and Data Validation requirements will utilize the existing procedures and software for the 4th quarter of PY 2011.

What's New in Data Validation as of 8/18/2011

How to install the DRVS on a Windows 7 PC

Important Note:
  • For any stakeholders interested in installing the current DRVS software on a personal computer running Windows 7 operating system, we are providing an addendum to the DRVS handbook which will guide you step by step through the installation process of a Windows XP Virtual Machine. After installation and set up of the virtual machine is complete, you will successfully be able to run the DRVS. The user guide addendums (one for WIA and the other for Wagner-Peyser) are available as PDF files on the right of this screen.
What's New in Data Validation as of 01/26/11

What's New for DRVS 7.2.2

Important Notes:

  • Several states have noted that improper years are populated in DRVS for the quarterly report due 2/15/2011 (years that should be 2011 appear as 2010). Please be aware that this issue is cosmetic only and will not affect any data submitted or outcomes and that this issue only occurs for the current quarter - you should not notice this for subsequent quarterly submissions. In the essence of time, we will not be providing a DRVS patch to correct this concern before the 2/15/2011 due date.
  • Please be aware that DRVS 7.2.2_Seedfix corrects the auto-populating date fields for PY 2010, 2011, and 2012. After applying this patch, the work-around used last quarter is no long necessary. In order to apply this patch, your DRVS system should have the latest version (7.2.2) already installed.
What's New for DRVS Version 7.2.1
Data Reporting and Validation Software (DRVS) 7.2.1 is designed for Program Year (PY) 2009 annual reporting and validation. States are strongly encouraged to create backups of their existing DRVS databases before installing the DRVS 7.2.1 update. Steps for MDSE Users

NFJP Data Validation Software Version 2.0 Update
  • An updated NFJP User's Guide that updates the acceptable federal source documentation listed in Appendix C. The prior version accidentally excluded some acceptable source documentation.  The new version includes all source documentation from last year.  States should copy this document and put it in C:\program files\NFJP\docs folder so that they can access it from Help menu.

  • An updated NFJP.exe for NFJP Data Validation Software version 2.0 is now available. This updated NFJP.exe file implements valid value edit checks for only those key elements that need to be validated or are important for validation, thus solving the problem that some grantee files are not able to import properly due to too many invalid values. It also fixes edit check B for the Exit Category field.
  • Grantees should first install NFJP2.0_Setup.exe (released 4/30/07) if they haven't done so, then replace the old NFJP.exe in C:\Program Files\NFJP (or in whatever location grantees chose to install the software) with this updated executable. The new executable is in addition to the installation so that the installation should not be removed. Open the application and follow the instructions in the NFJP user handbook to import files and conduct data validation. Please contact for any technical assistance questions.

NFJP Data Validation Software Version 2.0
is now available. NFJP grantees can use version 2.0 with the PY 2006 Quarter 3 WIASPR to conduct data element validation for PY 2005 exiters, and to analyze exiter performance.

Version 2.0 of the TAA Validation Software is now available. This software should be used to validate the TAPR records submitted for Fiscal Year 2006. The software has been updated to account for the following:
  • The Record Layout has been revised to reflect TAPR changes for FY06.
  • The software's edit checks have been updated to conform to the TAPR edits listed in ETA's edit checks.
  • Performance Outcome Groups and the Performance Report have been revised to implement common measures.
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