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Ready To Work

Program Summary

The Long-term Unemployed H-1B Ready To Work Partnerships grant program (Ready to Work) will utilize approximately $150 million in revenues from the H-1B visa program to support high performing partnerships between employers, non-profit organizations and America's public workforce system that will help provide long-term unemployed individuals with the range of services, training, and access they need to fill middle and high-skill jobs. The Department expects that a solicitation for applications for these grants will be available in February and awards will be made in mid-2014.
The Ready to Work grants will reward partnerships with the following key features:

  • Focus on Reemploying Long-Term Unemployed Workers: Programs will have to recruit long-term unemployed workers and employ strategies that are effective in getting them back to work in middle to high-skill occupations. These strategies could include assessments, job placement assistance, training, mentoring and supportive services such as financial counseling and behavioral health counseling.
  • Work-based Training That Enables Earning While Learning Through Models Such as On-the-Job Training (OJT), Paid Work Experience, Paid Internships and Registered Apprenticeships: Incorporating work-based training into these projects will afford employers the opportunity to train workers in the specific skill sets required for open jobs.
  • Employer Engagement and Support in Program Design - Including Programs That Commit to Consider Hiring Qualified Participants: Training programs funded by these grants must address the skills and competencies demanded by employers and high-growth industries, and ultimately lead to the employment of qualified participants. Preference will be given to applicants with employer partners that make a commitment to consider candidates who participate in these programs.
  • 02-19-2014: Ready to Work Competition Announced! Secretary of Labor Thomas E. Perez announced the availability of approximately $150 million in grants to prepare and place those facing long-term unemployment into good jobs. The Ready to Work Partnership grant competition will support and scale innovative partnerships between employers, nonprofit organizations and America's public workforce system to build a pipeline of talented U.S. workers and help those experiencing long-term unemployment gain access to employment services that provide opportunities to return to work in middle- and high-skill jobs. Find the news release here and listen to the Ready to Work press call here.