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Training and Employment Guidance Letters (TEGLs)

  • TEGL 13-14: Rescission of Older Worker Bulletins
  • TEGL 8-14: SCSEP Two Year State Plan Modifications
  • TEGL 21-13: SCSEP Planning Guidance and Allotments for PY 2014
  • TEGL 17-13: Exemption of SCSEP Wages from Income Eligibility Determinations for Federal Housing Programs and Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)
  • TEGL 11-13: 2014 Federal Poverty Guidelines for Senior Community Service Employment Program Grants
  • TEGL 21-11: State Plan Requirements
  • TEGL 29-07: Faith-Based Organizations
  • TEGL 12-06: Revised Income Inclusions and Exclusions and Procedures for Determining SCSEP Eligibility
  • TEGL 29-04: Program Year 2005 Fringe Benefit Guidelines
  • TEGL 28-04: Common Measures Policy
  • OWB 04-04: On-the-Job Experience
  • TEGL 5-03: Guidance on the Application of the Veterans Priority of Service

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