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NEG Reporting Overview

NEG Reporting Overview. This webinar provides an overview of NEG performance and financial reporting. The presentation is for an audience of On-the-Job training NEG grantees, but the content is relevant for most NEG grantees.
Webinar | Presentation Slides

NEG Reporting Basics Webinar.

This previously recorded webinar provides an overview of NEG performance reporting. Learn what data elements are required for NEG-specific forms and fields on the Workforce Investment Act Quarterly Report, Workforce Investment Act Standardized Record Data (WIASRD) records, and the NEG Quarterly Progress Report. Based on research conducted on behalf of the Employment and Training Administration, this training is targeted to help states and grantees avoid common pitfalls in report submission. The second part of the session goes in-depth to clarify definitions on the NEG Quarterly Progress Report.

Part I | Part II

Common Performance Measures.

This online tutorial is focused on ETA's common performance measures. Learn key concepts and definitions, how each performance measure is calculated, and how to improve performance outcomes. This course consists of 5-15 minute audio-visual lectures.

Additional Resources.

Click here to view ETA's library of training and tutorials related to performance accountability and reporting. Look for these resources:

  • National Emergency Grant Reporting Basics – this presentation provides an overview of NEG reporting requirements.
  • National Emergency Grant Updates after the Recovery Act - this presentation provides an update on policy and programmatic changes for NEGs funded with Recovery Act resources.
  • Back to Basics - this presentation provides an overview of accountability and related requirements with a focus on the program reporting cycle.