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Performance Planning

The information here presents the planned goals for the Department of Labor (DOL) and access to information on planning program performance outcomes for Employment and Training Administration (ETA)-funded programs.

Please see the individual program planning webpage for guidance and information on performance planning for ETA program.

Strategic Planning

This Strategic Plan meets the requirements of the Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA) and the GPRA Modernization Act of 2010. It is the foundation for DOL's planning and budgeting activities. DOL's strategic goal framework is comprised of four key elements: strategic goals, strategic objectives, performance goals, and performance measures. The strategic goals serve as a narrative covering strategic objectives. The strategic objectives represent DOL's core values and the necessary components supporting the Secretary's vision. Agencies group their measures under a performance goal that describes their unique contribution to the DOL's strategic objectives. The performance measures support the strategic objectives, are agency-specific and link each agency's performance to one or more objectives. Please see the current DOL 2014-2018 Strategic Plan.

Performance Goals

Please see the links below for Department and agency-level performance and budget information.

Other Planning Resources