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Adult-Dislocated Worker-Older Youth outcomes

  Adult-Dislocated Worker-Older Youth outcomes

Fiscal Year Adult Dislocated Workers Older Youth
PY00 69.1% 76.0% 65.8%
PY01 75.7% 81.6% 67.0%
PY02 75.1% 83.3% 69.5%
PY03 74.3% 81.8% 70.6%
PY04 77.0% 83.7% 73.5%
From PY 2000 to PY 2004 the Entered Employment rate for Adult rose unevenly from 69.1 percent to 77.0 percent. In same period, the rate for Dislocated Workers rose unevenly from 76.0 percent to 83.7 percent. The rate for Older Youth rose steadily from 65.8 percent to 73.5 percent during this interval. During this time, the three groups maintained the rank ordering of their outcomes, with the Dislocated Workers having the highest rates each program year, followed by the Adults and then the Older Youth.