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Services to Veterans during Program Year 2004

Services to Veterans during Program Year 2004

During the twelve-month period of performance ending June 30, 2005 (Program Year 2004), approximately 1.3 million (1,302,162) veterans accessed One-Stop employment and workforce information services. Those veterans who seek services within 36 months of separation from military service are classified as recently separated veterans. About 200,000 (197,198) or 15 percent of the veterans accessing services during the period ending June 30, 2005 were recently separated veterans.

During PY 2004, about 165,000 (165,088) recently separated veterans received some type of staff-assisted service from the One-Stop Career Centers. About 130,000 (129,843) of these veterans participated in job search activities, the most common staff-assisted service, while about 7,000 (7,333) received case management services, the most intensive staff-assisted service.

During PY 2004 about 83,000 (83,310) recently separated veterans were confirmed to have entered employment with a new employer. Eighty-two percent were still employed six months later.