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Region 5 Staff Listing

Office/Division: Initiatives & Demonstrations

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Name Phone Responsibilities
Garcia, Raymundo 312-596-5515 Primary Contact: National Farmworker Jobs Program and MSFW
Backup: Advanced Manufacturing, Geospatial, 1512 Liaison
Hernandez, Eric C 312-596-5419 Primary Contact: Green Capacity/Pathways, National Farmworker Jobs Program and MSFW
Backup: Construction
Jordan, Timmy 312-596-5546 Primary Contact: Prisoner Re-entry Program and RExO, Youth Offender, 1512 Liaison
Backup: Financial, Homeland Security, Veterans
Kea, William 312-596-5517 Lead:
Internal: Asset Mapping, Emergency Response Team
Kroenke, Darren 312-596-5421 Primary Contact:: TAACCCT, High Growth
Industry Lead:
Backup: H1B, Jobs Accelerator, Make It in America
MacLennan, John D 312-596-5494 Primary contact: Youth, Multiple Education Pathways, YouthBuild
Industry Lead: Aerospace, Bio Technology
Backup: Youth Policy Lead and Civic Justice, Community Based Job Training Program (Grants Coordinator), Earmark Grants, STEM, Earmark Grants
Mitchell, Alice Y 312-596-5413 Programs:
Scherer, David 312-596-5417 Primary Contact: Geospacial, Information Technology, DDG Database, Hospitality, Transitional Jobs
Internal: Grant Specialist
Webb, Clay A 312-596-5538 Primary contact: Community Based Job Training, Aging Workers, Green Health Sector, Health Care
Industry Lead: Financial Services, STEM
Wired: North Central Indiana
Backup: Green Czarina,Green Energy, Energy,Information Technology
Wills, Carla 312-596-5411 Primary Contact::Earmark Grants,Young Parent
Industry Lead: Homeland Security
Backup: DDG Database, Retail, Transitional Jobs
Internal: Grant Specialist, GEMS/e-Grants

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