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Region 5 Staff Listing

Office/Division: Workforce Investment

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Name Phone Responsibilities
Baker, Marium 312-596-5526 State: Iowa
Programs: WIA, Wagner-Peyser
Brooks, Catherine 312-596-5531 State: Wisconsin
Programs: WIA, Wagner-Peyser
Bulluck, Corey 312-596-5532 Manager,: Division of Workforce Investment, Wagner-Peyser, Trade Act
Charbonneau, Arlene 312-596-5491 State:Illinois
Programs:WIA, Wagner-Peyser
Grochowski, Jean 312-596-5521 Lead: LMI Grants
Harris, Lori 312-596-5496 State:Missouri
Programs: WIA, Wagner-Peyser, Youth Policy, Special Populations (Navigator/Homeless)
Jackson, Malcom 312-596-5414 State: Michigan
Program: WIA, Wagner-Peyser
Kea, William 312-596-5517
Lara, Gerardo 312-596-5528 CSRA Supervisor
Programs: Monitor Advocate, TAT Coordinator, WIASRD-FRED-Data Mart, Performance
Mendoza, Christopher 312-596-5513
Mitchell, Alice Y 312-596-5413 Programs:SCSEP, WOTC
O'Keefe, Stacy 312-596-5527 State: Indiana
Programs: WIA, Wagner-Peyser
Ortolano, Linda 312-596-5533 State: Kansas
Lead: National Emergency Grants
Programs:One Stop Systems
Ouyang, Tommy 312-596-5512
Stahlheber, Carl 312 596-5415 State: Minnesota
Programs: WIA, Wagner-Peyser
Waddell, Danielle Y 312-596-5539

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