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National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE)

Project: ASE Bilingual Outreach Program -- ASE is working to certify more automotive service technicians by translating some of the most in-demand certification exams into Spanish and by having these exams administered throughout the country. These certification exams correspond with occupations identified as being among the most in need for new workers. ASE is also assisting Spanish-speaking automotive service technicians to prepare for certification exams.

Product: ASE Glossary of Automotive Terminology: This is a list of automotive technical terms in English and Spanish. This glossary is intended to be used when preparing for and taking the ASE tests. A test taker (or a reader/translator assisting a test taker) may use a published version of the ASE Glossary of Automotive Terminology, or another standard published English/foreign language dictionary when taking the test. The Spanish translations are provided to help technicians and reader/translators properly interpret the English technical terms.

Type of Product: English/Spanish and Spanish/English Glossary
Length: 64 pages