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FAQs From Dislocated Worker Service Integration Forums


Q. D-1. How does worker survey data contribute to the decision of the award level for NEGs?
Answer: Worker survey data are a primary information source for validating the number of planned participants as a subset of the number of eligible workers.

Explanation: Each NEG application identifies the eligible dislocation event that qualifies for NEG funds, the number of workers affected, the date when the layoff(s) will occur and the number of workers expected to need employment-related assistance with NEG funds. NEG resources are limited and must be targeted to needs, and survey data help to demonstrate what is needed by the workers. For disaster grants, the employment-related component must include information on the number of participants that require assistance. Survey data help to demonstrate the needs of the workers.

Q. D-2. What is the process for submission and approval of a modification?

Answer: Currently, all modifications must be submitted on paper or e-mail (or fax) to the ETA Grant Officer for NEG projects. Once the e-application is approved for all NEG processes, grantees will be required to submit all modifications via the electronic system to both the Regional and National Offices of ETA

Explanation: To avoid delays in processing, all modification requests should be submitted to the ETA Grant Officer who signed the award letter, as well as to the Regional Federal Project Officer (FPO) identified in the award letter. Modification requests will be processed within 30 working days.


Specific requirements for different types of modifications are detailed in the NEG guidelines, which were published in the Federal Register on April 27, 2004. If there are any questions in this regard, the grantee should contact the FPO for the particular project (identified in the grant award letter, or subsequent communication). The FPO will consult, as appropriate, with the Grant Officer and respond to requests.

Q. D-3. What is the process for submission and approval of a "no new money" modification?

Answer: The same process is used for all modification requests, as discussed in D-2, above.

Explanation: "No new money" modifications generally mean that a grantee does not require additional NEG funds but is requesting to extend the period of operation of a project, or make some other technical change that is significant enough to warrant a modification. If previously-awarded NEG funds are to be used for the requested extension, it must be determined that such funds are eligible for expenditure during the proposed timeframe, i.e., program year of award plus two subsequent years.

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