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FAQs From Dislocated Worker Service Integration Forums


Q. E-1. For a dual enrollment NEG, is the emphasis on funding for assessment, counseling, etc., or for training?

Answer: As explained in TEGL 16-03, dual enrollment grants serve two purposes: (1) provide funding for projects identified as single or multi-company layoffs of more than 50 workers each and where DOL has determined that workers were trade-impacted, in order to provide comprehensive assessment, case management, child care and other services not available under TAA; and (2) provide training funds when TAA training funds (including reserve funds) and WIA formula funds are not sufficient to cover required training.

Q. E-2. We need a "work-around" for NEG dual enrollment projects in order to capture program success in WIA reporting when a TAA participant does not exit within 104 weeks. This question also applies to NEG-WIA formula co-enrollments.

Answer: Please see FAQ B-5, above. The exit from WIA occurs when all planned partner program services are completed, including job development, after training is completed or is nearing completion to limit the period between completion of training and employment.

Q. E-3. What is the purpose of a Dual Enrollment NEG when (a) all Trade participants should be co-enrolled in WIA, and (b) there is a requirement that Trade funds be expended or at least obligated in the year of allocation?

Answer: First, we should be clear that there is no "requirement" that Trade funds be expended or obligated in the year of allocation. However, it is strongly encouraged that states expend this year's funds for this year's need. The NEG "dual enrollment" project is an administrative term for the identification of a specific type of NEG application that may be submitted. All participants served in NEG dual enrollment projects must be eligible for both TAA and WIA and be a member of the target population for a particular NEG. TEGL 16-03 dated January 26, 2004, Para. 4.a.(5) discusses dual enrollment projects and application requirements in more detail.

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