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FY06 Bulletins

Guideline Standards
  • Amendment - The Paul Hall Center for Maritime Training and Education National Standards of Apprenticeship (2006-38) (pdf or flashpaper)
  • Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc. (ABC)(2006-09) (pdf or flashpaper)
  • CenTec, Inc. (2006-01) (pdf or flashpaper)
  • Evangelical Lutheran Good Samaritan Society (2006-07) (pdf or flashpaper)
  • Halliburton in the Occupation of Oil Field Equipment Mechanic (Operator/Frac-Acid) (2006-13) (pdf or flashpaper)
  • Independent Electrical Contractors Association (IEC) (2006-02) (pdf or flashpaper)
  • International Association of Bridge, Structural, Ornamental and Reinforcing Ironworkers (2006-16) (pdf)
  • International Brotherhood of Boilermakers (2006-20) (pdf)
  • International Pipe Trades Joint Training Committee (2006-27A) (pdf)
  • Medical Transcription Industry Association (2006-36) (pdf or flashpaper)
  • Modification to the Revised National Guidelines: National Elevator Industry Education Program (NEIEP) (2006-37) (pdf or flashpaper)
  • National Automated Sprinkler Industry Local Union 669 Education Fund (2006-35) (pdf or flashpaper)
  • National Burglar & Fire Alarm Association (NBFAA) (2006-40) (pdf or flashpaper)
  • National Institute for Metalworking Skills, Inc., (NIMS) (2006-11) (pdf or flashpaper)
  • Werner Enterprises, Inc. (2006-19) (pdf or flashpaper)
  • Additional RAIS Code and Occupational Title for Health Support Specialist Occupation (2006-18) (pdf)
  • Amendment - Work Processes Schedule for Home Health Aide (2006-29) (pdf)
  • Automotive Technician Specialist – Career Lattice (2006-28) (pdf or flashpaper)
  • Boiler Pressure Vessel Inspector (2006-32) (pdf or flashpaper)
  • Chief Cook (Water Transportation) - Career Lattice (2006-39) (pdf or flashpaper)
  • CNC Set-up Programmer – Turning; CNC Set-up Programmer – Milling; CNC Set-up Programmer – Milling and Turning; and Machine Builder (2006-10) (pdf or flashpaper)
  • Composite Fitter Mechanic (2006-30) (pdf or flashpaper)
  • Crime Scene Technician (2006-22) (pdf or flashpaper)
  • Home Health Director (2006-03) (pdf or flashpaper)
  • Hydro Blaster/Vacuum Technician (2006-12) (pdf or flashpaper)
  • Medical Coder; Magnetic Resonance Imaging Technician; Computed Tomography; and Mammography Technician (2006-26) (pdf or flashpaper)
  • Medicaid Disability Claims Adjudicator (2006-33A) (pdf)
  • Medical Transcriptionist (2006-15) (pdf or flashpaper)
  • Oil Field Equipment Mechanic (Operator I Frac-Acid)(2006-17) (pdf)
  • Press Setup Operator (2006-21) (pdf or flashpaper)
  • Revision of An Existing Occupation of Truck Driver, Heavy (2006-25) (pdf)
  • Senior Housing Manager (2006-04) (pdf or flashpaper)
  • Veterinary and Laboratory Animal Technician (2006-23) (pdf)
Other Information
  • Addition of Bulletins and Circulars to the OATELS Website (2006-14) (pdf or flashpaper)
  • Fringe Benefits (2006-05) (pdf or flashpaper)
  • Fringe Benefits (amendment) (2006-05a) (pdf or flashpaper)
  • International Pipe Trades Joint Training Committee- New Accredited Technical Training Institution for Direct Entry (2006-31) (pdf or flashpaper)
  • International Pipe Trades Joint Training Committee- New Accredited Technical Training Institution for Direct Entry (2006-34) (pdf or flashpaper)
  • List of Occupations Officially Recognized as Apprenticeable by the Office of Apprenticeship (2006-24) (pdf or flashpaper)
  • Program Guidance Memorandum: Goals and Objectives for Fiscal Year (FY) 2006 (2006-08) (pdf or flashpaper)
  • Reauthorization of 671 Form (2006-06) (pdf or flashpaper)