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OA Bulletins and Circulars

FY 2017 Bulletins and Circulars
The following documents are provided in a downloadable format for your convenience. All bulletins and circulars are considered active regardless of issue date. Modifications to these documents are strictly prohibited.

  • 2017-13: NPS Tankstar USA (MS Word)
  • 2017-12: NPS for U.S. Xpress (MS Word)
  • 2017-11: NPS for SEIU-AFSCME (MS Word)
  • 2017-10: NPS for Cummins Inc (MS Word)
  • 2017-09: OMAS Amendment to Appendix A (MS Word)
  • 2017-08: Revised Occupations IT Specialist (MS Word)
  • 2017-07: New National Standards for USDA (MS Word)
  • 2017-06: New Apprenticeable Occupation: Risk Management Analyst (MS Word)
  • 2017-05: New National Standards of Apprenticeship for Fastport, Inc. (MS Word)
  • 2017-04: New National Standards of Apprenticeship for Microsoft Corporation Military IT Apprenticeship Program (MITA) (MS Word)
  • 2017-03: Transport America (MS Word)
  • 2017-02: Wireless Technician Amendment (MS Word)
  • 2017-01: Agricultural Commodity Sorter (MS Word)
  • Circular 2017-01: Guidelines for Reviewing Apprentice to Journeyworker Ratio Requests (MS Word)