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Adult and Dislocated Worker Outcomes, PY2004

Adult and Dislocated Worker Outcomes tornado

The outcomes for the three measures pictured on the chart were similar for the Adult and Dislocated Worker programs in Program Year 2004, although the rates were higher for the Dislocated Worker program for each measure. The Adult program achieved a Credential Rate of 65.6 percent, while the Dislocated Worker program rate was 69.6 percent. The Adult program had a Retention Rate of 81.5 percent, and the Dislocated Worker program reached 87.0 percent. The Entered Employment Rate was 76.3 percent for the Adult program, and it was 82.9 percent for the Dislocated Worker program.

The number served ranged from a low of 2,278 for the National Farmworker Jobs program to a high of 6,076,531 for the Employment Service