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Veteran's Day, 2007

In the four quarters ending September 30, 2007, a total of 5,472,927 African-Americans were served by ETA’s workforce system. The largest number was served by the Wagner-Peyser program, 2,901,574, while the smallest number was served by the National Farmworker Jobs Program, 1,100.  (The WIA figures are estimates based on Program Year 2006 annual results.  Data for the Indian and Native American program are not available.)

National Farmworker Jobs 1,100
Trade Adjustment Assistance 5,452
Prisoner Reentry Initiative 5,617
WIA Older Youth 23,741
Senior Community Service Employment Program 27,694
Registered Apprenticeship 28,709
WIA Younger Youth 63,872
WIA Dislocated Worker 144,389
WIA Adults 603,690
Unemployment Insurance 1,667,089
Wagner-Peyser 2,901,574
Sum Total 5,472,927