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WIA Incentive Grant Summaries - PY 2004

Pennsylvania $853,980

The State plans to invest the funds in one initiative, the Youth in Transition Project, a targeted program that aims to improve the performance of state and local education, human services, and workforce systems as they interact with and support youth who are dropouts or aging out of foster care. It will be comprised of four components:

  • Improve the capacity to gather, examine, and use information to improve outcomes to disconnected youth;
  • Assess the policy and funding environment at the local and state level;
  • Increase the supply of quality educational options for disconnected youth; and
  • Build relationships between key partners and stakeholders.
The deliverables will include a complete set of data that describe the status and educational characteristics of dropouts or youth that are aging out of foster care, policy that targets the likelihood that youth will remain in school; and partnership models specific to geographic and demographic conditions.