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See the archive section for previous program year WIA State Annual Reports and Summaries.


The WIASRD is submitted by states to ETA on both a quarterly and annual basis. The WIASRD files contain detailed information on program completers (i.e., exiters), including demographics, types of services received, and outcomes attained as a result of participating in the program. You can view the quarterly WIASRD public file, explore the national Data Books, which contain “slices and dices” of performance information available in the WIASRD, and view broad summaries of the WIASRD information through the Final WIASRD Exiter links. Please review the WIASRD Public Use Data File Disclaimer before accessing the files.

Public WIASRD File (by quarter)

WIASRD Data Books

The Data Book provides detailed information on the WIA programs, including information about who is served, what services are provided, and the outcomes attained by participants. There are four sections to the data book: I. Summary Comparisons across Programs, II. Adult Exiters, III. Dislocated Worker Exiters, and IV. Youth Exiters.

See here for previous program year WIASRD data books.

PY 2014 WIASRD Summary Reports

  National Summary Reports WIA Performance Measures for Demographic and Service Groups WIA Performance Measures by State Characteristics and Services of Those with Positive and Negative Outcomes
Adults PY 15 PY 15 PY 15 PY 15
Dislocated Workers

PY 15 PY 15 PY 15 PY 15
Dislocated Workers Excl. NEG

    PY 15  
Older Youth

PY 15 PY 15 PY 15 PY 15
Younger Youth

PY 15 PY 15 PY 15 PY 15
National Emergency Grant (NEG)

PY 15      

See here for previous program year WIASRD Summary Reports.


WIA Law, in Section 136, requires that the Secretary disseminate State-by-State comparisons of states' performance information. State comparisons do not reflect the varied and different economic conditions that may affect an individual state's outcomes. Keeping that in mind, the Performance Rankings for each year are displayed in chart format and each measure is linked to a display of the absolute rankings of state-by-state performance. These rankings are based on actual performance, not progress against the negotiated level.

WIA Incentives and Sanctions Archived


This chart depicts the number of individuals served by each of the WIA programs (Adults, Dislocated Workers, and Youth).


At-a-Glance: Program Results

The Workforce Investment Act program and Wagner-Peyser Act program serving veterans (including those veterans' programs funded by Jobs for Veterans State Grants) have assisted over one million individuals in finding employment every year for the past three years. The document found HERE explains in more detail.