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Face of Performance

  Betty Taylor
December 2005
Betty is grateful for the help of Tammy Crain at the Workforce Center of Washington Parish for the assistance she gave in getting her back on her feet. She can only describe the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina as, “Unbelievable”-- with damage to her home, a tree fallen on her garage, no power, no phones, and many of her friends and neighbors in worse shape, her life was turned upside down.

It wasn’t long after Hurricane Katrina that Betty came to the realization that she couldn’t return to her former job even if she tried. With no gas to be found and so many trees down and debris blocking the roads, she was essentially trapped.

It took the townspeople of Franklinton, Louisiana who used their chainsaws to clear the streets and the National Guard who worked to make the highways passable, before she could escape. When she was able to get out, with help from the Red Cross who provided the means to get gasoline, Betty spent a few weeks in Kentucky with one of her 3 sons, all of whom are serving in the armed forces. When she returned home, she had no job and no way of supporting herself.

That’s when Betty heard about the Washington Parish Government Office and the Bogalusa One Stop. With her background in office work and the support available through a National Emergency Grant (NEG), the One-Stop helped put Betty to work helping the local FEMA representative pull together information to file claims.

As the weeks passed, Betty became accustomed to the new way of life in her hurricane ravaged community and was able to focus her efforts on finding a more permanent job. She eventually landed a full time position in the medical billing office at Premier After Hours Care, making an excellent, living wage.

The team effort among the citizens of her community, the local and State governments and the Federal government makes Betty proud to be a Louisianan and confident that the rebuilding will be a success.
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