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Face of Performance

  Gary Larion
Gary registered with a One-Stop in Michigan, Ottawa County Michigan Works after he became dissatisfied with the jobs he was finding on his own. He wanted more family time. His previous jobs involved working nights and weekends.

Gary attended our Resume Writing, Interviewing, and Job Search and Networking Workshops. He improved his resume. Michelle Pellegrini, the Employer Service Specialist, saw the resume and knew that Gary would be a good fit for a position that involved both physical labor and customer service.

On November 16, 2005, the owner of Randy's Carpet Care was searching for resumes on the Michigan Talent Bank when Michelle gave him Gary 's resume. Randy agreed to interview Gary . Gary was on the premises job searching, but left before Michelle could locate him so Michelle ran after him through the parking lot to get him to the interview. Randy was hired following their “on-the-spot” interview. Now Gary only occasionally works nights and has more time for his family.
Gary Larion
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