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 George Davis
Mature Workers Program Participant Stories
George Davis

George Davis previously worked for the Internal Revenue Service for 18 years and retired in 1995. His wife had passed away from Alzheimer’s. In February of 2007, Mr. Davis started to have some financial hardships at home. He now needed unsubsidized employment with a larger income.  He started to apply to different companies, including a Citibank Greeter position that he heard about through the Urban Leagues Bank. He applied to the position at the bank but was told that there was a hiring freeze.  That night as he prayed on his situation, and he thought about his options. He said that God spoke to him and urged him to speak to his Project Director. The next morning, he spoke to Keisha and indicated an interest in unsubsidized employment.

He also told her about his encounter with Citibank. Keisha explained to him that the Urban League obtained a new contract with Citigroup/NUL to operate a financial literacy program. She asked Mr. Davis if he would be interested in applying to the position. Mr. Davis said “of course” and he was given the opportunity to obtain training in the curriculums implementation. He was very interested, exhibited proficiency and he was offered the position. On March 12, 2007, Mr. Davis began to work for the Urban League as a Facilitator Instructor for the CitiFinancial Program for 25 hours a week at 13-14$ an hour.

In conclusion, Mr. Davis feels that the Older (Mature) Workers program helped him obtain this position because there was no place else he could go. He felt that the Urban League was his only source of finding employment. He enjoys instructing the CitiFinancial course and he feels that he is also being educated about Finances.
George Davis
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