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Face of Performance

  Lary Forbes
Larry had been laid off from two different companies and was facing another layoff from yet another employer. That's when he decided enough was enough. Larry wanted a more secure future for his wife and three daughters. With the help of a One-Stop WIA counselor, he learned about options available in the healthcare field.

After completing Certified Nurse Aide ( CNA ) training, he began working part time to earn partial health benefits. He was asked to speak to the Grundy Livingston Kankakee Workforce Board about his WIA experiences, and the only person with a question was the Vice President of Human Resources at Riverside Hospital . He asked if Larry wanted a job. While working at Riverside, Larry furthered his nursing education.

He graduated from Kankakee Community College's RN program in May 2005 and immediately passed his state boards. Today, as a surgical nurse, Larry continues to be one of Riverside's valued employees.
Larry Forbes
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