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Face of Performance

 Tracey Joyner
Tracy Joyner wrote the following letter to the team at Career Transitions:

“I am writing this letter regarding the classes I took at Career Transitions. These classes were available to me by the WIA Health Care Training Grant. I am so grateful for these classes because they led to a career in a field I love.

Before I took the classes I didn't really think I would have a career in the medical field. Jane mentioned a coding class she would be offering and it sounded like it would be interesting. She helped me with the steps necessary to get in the class and got me going.

I had to go through the Career Transitions classes first. The classes there were really helpful. They helped me learn about the job market, how to make contacts, and how to go through the process of applying for a job. After successful completion of these classes I went on to the coding class.

Before the coding class I had an interest in the medical field, but not much knowledge of it. The class helped me learn more medical terminology. It helped give me the confidence that I needed to pursue coding. The class taught me how to code and helped me successfully pass the CPC exam. I am now a certified coder with a well paying job.

A year ago I was worried I would never be able to find a career or afford the training necessary to get one. These classes helped change my life in a very positive way. I have more confidence in myself. I feel more successful again. I have a career that I could use anywhere. I am working in a field that I love and would never have been able to do without Career Transitions and the courses they offered.”
Tracy Joyner
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