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Face of Performance

 Juan Bustamante
Juan Bustamante worked as a machine operator in California for over eleven years at a company that produced aluminum car rims. However, when a large nearby auto manufacturing plant shifted its operations out of the country, Mr. Bustamante and 300 of his colleagues lost their production jobs. Even through his financial and family obligations, he was able to pursue training through the TAA program at the Los Angeles Valley College Job Training Center, where he took remedial courses in English, Math, and Speech. He then qualified for and completed the Transportation Metro Bus Operator Bridge Training Program, after which time he was hired on through a paid internship, and then as a full-time employee with full benefits and career ladder opportunities.

"I would like to thank the TAA Program for helping me achieve my goal, and to Los Angeles Valley College for preparing me to succeed with a career at LA Metro!"
Paul Harter
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