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Programs Serving Adults and Dislocated Workers

The Employment and Training Administration (ETA) administers core and discretionary programs authorized under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA). These programs provide career and training services to millions of job seekers. These services include job search assistance, workforce preparation, and career development services. Additionally, training services available include both classroom and work-based learning opportunities.

In addition to serving individual job seekers, these programs help businesses find the skilled workers they need by referring qualified job seekers, filling job orders, and through tailored work-based learning strategies. These services are available to workers and businesses through a network of approximately 2,400 American Job Centers (AJCs) nationwide, also known as One-Stop Career Centers.

The AJC network includes both required and additional partner programs delivering integrated services in a high-quality workforce development system. The vision for the AJC network reflects the long-standing and ongoing work of dedicated workforce professionals to align a wide range of publicly- or privately-funded education, employment, and training programs, while also providing high-quality customer service to all job seekers, workers, and businesses.

Information on these programs, including how to access them locally through an AJC, please visit the Career One-Stop site at, or call ETA's toll-free help line at (877) US-2JOBS (TTY: 1-877-872-5627). Services are designed to meet local needs and may vary from state to state. Some services have eligibility requirements; be sure to check with your local AJC for details.

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The WIOA Waivers Request webpage provides background, legal and regulatory context, and documentation requirements to guide the submission of waiver requests. The page also provides a table with hypertext links to waiver disposition letters from the Employment and Training Administration.