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These grants have been awarded under the Reentry Employment Opportunities Program and are designed to serve urban centers and areas of greatest need.

Grantee Information:

REO Grants


  • Reentry Demonstration Projects - US Labor Department announces $64.5M in grants.

  • Pathways to Justice Careers - Award of $5.5 million in "Pathway to Justice Careers" grants.

  • Reentry Project - US Department of Labor announces over $72M in grants.

  • Linking to Employment Activities Pre-Release (LEAP) Demonstration this pilot program places One Stop Career Center/American Job Centers services directly in local jails. These specialized services will prepare individuals for employment while they are incarcerated to increase their opportunities for successful reentry into their communities upon release. These pilot projects link participants to the AJC in their communities upon release.

  • Face Forward Intermediary and Community Grants give youth a second chance to succeed in the workforce by removing the stigma of having a juvenile record through diversion and/or expungement and other strategies that mitigate juvenile records. Additionally, these pilot projects provide participants the opportunity to develop job skills and training in high-demand sectors that will lead to industry-recognized credentials and employment opportunities. Face Forward also offers youth supportive services through partnerships and the opportunity for youth to give back to their communities.

  • Job ChalleNGe grants offer vigorous job training and real-life work experience on the path toward a good job to justice-involved youth in partnership with the Department of Defense. This initiative is an outgrowth of the successful National Guard Youth ChalleNGe program begun in the 1990s. The program seeks to improve the life and employment prospects of high school dropouts - age 16 to 18 - absent from the labor market. This new Job ChalleNGe funding will expand existing National Guard Youth ChalleNGe programs to provide court-involved youth with vocational education including technical skills needed for specific jobs.

  • Training to Work help strengthen communities where the majority of formerly incarcerated individuals return. The program provides workforce-related reentry opportunities for persons still under DOJ supervision age18 and older participating in state and/or local work-release programs. The focus of the program is on training opportunities that that lead to industry recognized credentials and job opportunities along career pathways. It also encourages life-long learning and helps participants develop strategies for career advancement. Programs partners are expected to provide supportive services such as housing, substance abuse programs and mental health treatment.

  • Pathways to Justice Careers for Youth grants provides combined mentoring and career exploration in the field of justice and emergency services personnel (for example, police officers, firefighters or paramedics) for youth enrolled in the 11th and 12th grades between the ages of 16 to 21 in public or alternative high school. The purpose of these grants is to improve employment opportunities for youth that are at-risk of dropping out of school and at risk of becoming involved in the juvenile or adult justice systems (some youth may have already become involved with the juvenile justice system) by giving them mentorship and a career pathway that leads them to careers in justice and emergency services.

  • Reentry Projects for Young Adults and Adults provides the opportunity for organizations to improve employability outcomes for young adults between the ages of 18 to 24 that have been involved in the juvenile or adult justice system, residing in high-poverty, high-crime communities by blending evidence-based and informed interventions that will improve their employment outcomes.

    To locate these programs in your area go to the National Reentry Resource Center Map at: