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Employment & Training Administration's Recognition of Excellence!

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The Employment and Training Administration (ETA) initiated a Recognition of Excellence (ROE) process in 2004 to honor programs of the nation's workforce investment system that demonstrated outstanding performance. The categories and criteria for 2008 have been revised to reflect changing executive and programmatic priorities and initiatives. This annual process, administered by the Office of Policy Development and Research (OPDR), continues to recognize State and local programs, projects, and initiatives that demonstrate innovation, collaboration, replicability, quality performance, linkages between workers and demand occupations and emerging industries, sustainability, and impact. The 2008 categories are:

  1. Educating America's Workforce to Serve Emerging Industries
  2. Building a Regionally-Focused Workforce Strategy
  3. Leveraging the Power of Partnerships
  4. Tapping the Talents of Special Populations in the Workforce
  5. Connecting America's Youth to the Workforce
For information on past ROE winners, please go to the ROE Archives.