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DATE March 13, 2001
SUBJECT SCSEP Reporting Hand Book

1. PURPOSE: To provide grantees with the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) approved forms and instructions for completing those forms.

2. REFERENCES: OW 99-21 Federal Regulations Notice Regarding SCSEP Report

3. BACKGROUND: The SCSEP uses two forms to report information on activities: one contains program data, and the other financial information. Both forms were approved by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) for continued use. Because the Older Americans Act (OAA) was recently reauthorized these forms may be somewhat out dated when the OAA amendments of 2000 are fully implemented. Nevertheless, these forms have been approved and should be used until further notice.

The attached handbook and the instructions have not been greatly changed from previous but they should be consulted to provide guidance when SCSEP reports are prepared.

4. NOTEWORTHY CHANGES:There are not many changes. They include the following:

* Most sponsors will need to report program information on the Quarterly Progress Report (QPR) only twice during a Program Year--at the end of the December quarter and at the end of the June quarter. The financial report, the FSR 269, will continue to be provided quarterly, however.

* The QPR now contains a place to report unsubsidized placements made by the project which are not counted toward achievement of the unsubsidized placement goal.

* The word "Handicapped" has been replaced by the word "disabled."

* In the Race/Ethnic section of the QPR the wording has been changed slightly.

5. DIRECTIVE:Sponsors should use the new forms beginning with the new grant period (Program Year 2001, beginning July 1, 2001. The QPR for March, 2001 need not be submitted.

Reporting "On-line" remains both the preferred way of reporting and the required way. Grantees that wish to also send a hard copy may do so.

Copies of "the new forms" may be found on the Web at http://wdsc.doleta.gov/seniors/ in the Library and at What's New.

5. INQUIRIES:Questions should be directed to your Federal Representative at (202) 693-3756,57,58,61, 62, 64.

ATTACHMENT Reporting Handbook for the Senior Community Service Employment Program


Chief Acting Director

Division of Older Worker Programs Office of National Programs


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