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DATE MARCH 20, 2002
SUBJECT Recognition of Grantees for Their Efforts to Achieve Their Program Year (PY) 2000 Unsubsidized Placement Goals

1.        PURPOSE: To share with all SCSEP grantees the results of our unsubsidized placement efforts and the number of participants served for PY 2000 (July 1, 2000 – 30, 2001). Also attached is the SCSEP Summary Report for PY 2000
2.        REFERENCES: Older Worker (OW) Bulletin Nos. 00-27 and 97-2.

        BACKGROUND: The 2000 amendments to Title V of the Older Americans Act (OAA) include performance indicators against which actual grantee performance will be compared. Under the amended OAA, national grantees that do not meet established performance measures will receive technical assistance and could have their funding reduced while states may be subject to the imposition of similar sanctions.

Final performance indicators and measures have not yet been determined. There are two program goals under the current SCSEP that are similar to those in the amended legislation. One is a national unsubsidized placement goal of 20 percent, and the other is for each grantee to serve at least 140 percent of the number of positions funded.

4.        RATES OF TRANSITION: For the program year that ended June 30, 2001, the overall SCSEP placement rate was 33.8 percent,and the service percentage was 172.9 percent.

The Department commends the fine efforts of the grantees that have met or exceeded the current program performance goals. We encourage grantees to continue their efforts to meet or exceed their goals as identified in the grant agreement. It is also noteworthy that, as a group, SCSEP grantees exceeded the program performance goals set forth in OW Bulletin No. 97-2.

During this program year, it is very important that grantees focus on meeting or exceeding both the unsubsidized placement goal and the service rate goal.

6.         INQUIRIES: Questions should be directed to your Federal Representative at (202) 693-3842.

ATTACHMENT 1. PY 2000 SCSEP Summary Report 2. Grantees Performance Rates

ATTACHMENT Federal Poverty Income Guidelines

Division of Older Worker Programs
Office of Adult Services

CC: SMITH/Larisch/Hawkins/Files:/dowp/bulletin.02/02-03


              PERCENT PERCENT

Utah Division of Aging and Adult Services 67.9 197.5
Vermont Associates for Training and Development, Inc. 61.0 264.4
AARP Foundation 54.3 206.3
New Mexico State Agency on Agency 43.4 200.0
Idaho Commission on Aging 39.6 198.2

California Department of Aging 39.5 172.4
, Inc. 37.9 192.9
Georgia Department of Human Resources 37.8 177.5
D.C. Department of Employment Services 36.6 166.2
National Council on the Aging, Inc. 36.4 171.1

Virginia Governor's Employment    
and Training Department 35.3 158.6
Asociacion Nacional Pro Personas Mayores 30.8 155.6
National Urban League, Inc. 30.4 163.5
Tennessee Commission on Aging 29.6 160.0
Louisiana Office of Elderly Affairs 29.4 161.8

Forest Service 29.1 139.8
National Senior Citizens Education and Research Center 28.3 168.6
New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services 28.0 162.4
New York State Office for the Aging 28.0 150.7
Pennsylvania Department of Aging 27.4 160.0

National Caucus and Center on Black Aged 27.4 146.6
Alabama Commission on Aging 27.3 181.9
Texas Workforce Commission 27.0 159.1
Arizona Department of Economic Security 26.3 198.1
Delaware Department of Health and Social Services 25.6 150.8

Oregon Senior and Disabled Services 25.0 159.4
Ohio Department of Aging 24.6 171.0
National Asian Pacific Center on Aging 24.6 155.2
Minnesota Department of Jobs and Training 24.4 145.7
Wyoming Division on Aging 24.1 167.2

Kansas Department of Human Resources 24.0 167.2
Illinois Department on Aging 23.9 143.8
North Carolina Division of Aging 23.6 167.6
Hawaii Department of Labor and Industrial Relations 22.9 153.4
Oklahoma Office of the Governor 22.8 156.8

Connecticut Department of Social Services 22.8 142.1
Rhode Island Department of Elderly Affairs 22.7 119.7
Nevada Division for Aging Services 21.3 180.3
Indiana Family and Social Services 21.1 146.1
Colorado Department of Human Services 20.9 166.9

Kentucky Office of Aging Services 20.6 133.8
West Virginia Bureau of Senior Services 20.2 136.2
Puerto Rico Department of Social Services 20.2 138.1
Maryland Office on Aging 20.1 139.0
Wisconsin Department of Health and Family Services 20.0 134.0

Maine Bureau of Elder and Adult Services 20.0 116.0
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