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ADVISORY : Older Worker Bulletin No. 03-04

TO : All Senior Community Service Employment Program Grantees

FROM : _____________________ ___________________

John R. Beverly, III Ria Moore Benedict

Administrator Chief

Office of National Programs Division of Older Worker Programs

SUBJECT: Procedures for Recapture and Reobligation of Unexpended Program Year Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) Grant Funds

1. REFERENCES: 2000 Amendments to the Older Americans Act (OAA), P.L. 106-501.

2.                BACKGROUND: Under section 515(c) of the OAA, the Department has the authority to recapture unexpended funds from SCSEP recipients at the end of the Program Year (PY) and reobligate such funds within the two succeeding PYs to be used for incentive grants, technical assistance or grants or contracts for any other SCSEP program.

3.                PROCEDURES: The SCSEP grant closeout process will be used to identify and recapture unexpended funds for use in subsequent SCSEP grant cycles. The Department currently intends to recapture PY 2001 funds for use in PY 2003. Such funds may be used to support activities as authorized under section 515(c).

4.                ACTION REQUIRED: The grant closeout procedures identified under 20 CFR 641.414 of the current regulations will govern this process, beginning with the now-expired PY 2001 SCSEP grants. All PY 2001 recipients who have not yet submitted their closeout packages must do so as soon as possible, consistent with the closeout procedures required at 29 CFR 97.50 (for States) and 29 CFR 95.71 (for non-profits). Failure to timely submit closeout packages is one of the grounds for finding a grantee non-responsible. The final Financial Status Report (SF 269) should be simultaneously entered into the Sponsor Support System, so as to notify the Division of Older Workers Program staff of a closeout package submission at the same time as the Grant Officers staff.

Upon receipt of all required closeout documents, the Department will notify the grantees of any financial discrepancies, and make appropriate adjustment to the available allotment. If there is a difference between payments received by the grantee from the Payment Management System (PMS) and costs incurred by the grantee, the grantee must refund to the Department the difference immediately upon completion of closeout documents. After Department/agency financial reconciliation, the PMS account will be closed accordingly. After the grant has been officially closed, later disallowances and adjustments, as authorized at 29 CFR 97.51 (for States) and 29 CFR 95.51 (for non-profits) may occur.

Grantee cooperation in expediting the completion and submittal of PY 2001 grant closeout packages is of critical import since recaptured PY 2001 funds will enable the Department to increase amounts for incentive grants, technical assistance or for other SCSEP programs.

5. EFFECTIVE DATE: Immediately.

6. INQUIRIES: Questions should be directed to your Federal Representative.

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