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SUBJECT: Report to the Task Force on Older Worker Data

1. PURPOSE: To transmit to SCSEP grantees informational copies of the report prepared on behalf of the Task Force on Older Worker Data.


3. BACKGROUND: The implementation of the Workforce Investment Act, the Government Performance and Results Act, and the reauthorization of the Older Americans Act have made the collection and use of program data critically important. A proposal was developed and submitted to several SCSEP grantees to inventory current data on hand, to examine data collection needs, to make recommendations for expanded use of currently available data, and to consider new data elements and sources to enhance SCSEP's ability to "tell its story." Following a series of meetings and briefings, as well as the distribution of draft copies of reports that were reviewed and commented upon, a final report was prepared and distributed to the Task Force members.

4. TASK FORCE MEMBERS: A listing of the membership of the Task Force may be found on page 6 of the report. Included were representatives of all 10 national SCSEP grantees, the National Association of State Units on Aging, the Senior Texans Employment Program, and a Federal staff member of the Division of Older Worker Programs.

5. DISCLAIMERS: ETA did not contribute financially to the preparation of the report, and thus the report's recommendations are directed to the Task Force itself and not to ETA. Statements included within the report have not been independently verified by ETA, and we do not necessarily agree with the report's recommendations -- but that is as it should be, since this is not ETA's report. The views contained within the report are those of the author, and do not necessarily reflect the position or policies of ETA.

6. DRAFT PERFORMANCE GOALS AND INDICATORS:One element of the report -- Appendix 4 -- is particularly noteworthy. The Appendix contains proposed performance goals and indicators developed approximately two years ago as the culmination of an effort that represented many staff-weeks of time on the part of staff of State and local SCSEP grantees, the Office of the Inspector General, and ETA. Prepared in anticipation of the GPRA, these draft goals and indicators should merit the attention of congressional members and staff as they consider performance measures for SCSEP within the context of the reauthorization of the Older Americans Act.

6. ACTION REQUIRED: Since this document may serve as a point of departure for a discussion of performance standards, grantees should provide copies of the Older Worker Data Task Force Report to interested staff. In this regard, the DOWP is interested in learning of comments on the report that grantees might want to provide.

7. INQUIRIES: Direct questions to your Federal Representative at (202) 219-5904.

ATTACHMENT: Report to the Task Force on Older Worker Data

Chief Director, Division of Older Worker Programs
Office of National Programs

TDNO: Rlarisch/mj-7-99


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