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UI and Workforce System Connectivity Project Update: Integrated Workforce Registration System
Dec 18, 2012
The National Association of State Workforce Agencies (NASWA) provides this report on recent developments with the Unemployment Insurance and Workforce System Connectivity Project:

On November 30, 2012, the ITSC Steering Committee approved awarding a contract to GCOM Software of Albany, New York, to build the Integrated Workforce Registration (IWR) system as the first software component for the Unemployment Insurance and Workforce System Connectivity Project.

The IWR is a single integrated online registration system that will serve as the entry point for all job seekers to the reemployment services of their state. Services including job search assistance, training and unemployment insurance benefits filing will be linked through the IWR.

In 2010, a National Workgroup developed a new vision for improving UI and Workforce Systems integration, "A National Call for Innovation: Rethinking Reemployment Services for UI Claimants." The vision identified strategies for serving UI claimants as a key customer of the workforce investment system, and included four "transformational elements" -- integrated workforce registration (IWR), real time triage, skills transferability/job match, and social networking. New York, Mississippi and Oregon received funding through ITSC from USDOL to support them in piloting and implementing the National Vision including the IWR component along with "real time triage" and "job matching/skills transferability."

Over the last year, the partnering states have worked closely with ITSC and USDOL to define the key capabilities, processes, functionality and requirements of the IWR system, ensuring that the resulting products are transferable to other states for their potential use and adoption. A Request for Proposals (RFP) to build the IWR system was released by ITSC in September. Four vendors submitted proposals in response to this RFP. After a formal review process by the pilot states, USDOL and ITSC, GCOM Software was selected by the RFP evaluation team to build the IWR software application. GCOM’s work with the partnering states and ITSC will commence in mid- December, with pilot state implementation and testing of the IWR system to take place in June 2013.