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ETA Announces Funding Opportunity under the Research Papers Program
Mar 5, 2013
ETA Announces Funding Opportunity under the Research Papers Program The Employment and Training Administration (ETA) has announced the availability of funds for the agency’s Research Papers Program. This initiative will provide approximately $80,000 to fund approximately 10 projects of Doctoral students interested in writing scholarly, policy-relevant research papers on topics of interest to the public workforce investment system.

As the ETA Research Papers Program moves into its third year, the program continues with two objectives:

(1) to provide relevant and evidence-based information to stimulate discussion and action among individuals working on the front-line of service delivery in the public workforce investment system and partner organizations, and

(2) to simultaneously support innovative and scholarly investigation in the field of employment and training. Additionally, the ETA 2012 Research Papers Program will help support Doctoral program students while they complete their dissertations and studies in the employment and training field.

Submitted proposals will outline scholarly papers to be written on innovative topics involving the public workforce investment system. Areas of interest to ETA fall under the five broad areas in the ETA Five-Year Strategic Research Plan for 2012-2017 soon to be released on ETA’s research web site at: .

The five priority areas are:

  • Understanding Changing Labor Markets
  • Identifying Effective Strategies
  • Improving Workforce System Infrastructure
  • Addressing the Need of Special Populations
  • Building Research Infrastructure and Support

To view the announcement for the 2012 ETA Research Papers Program, please see the 2012 ETA Research Papers Program Web site at:

Training and Employment Notice 22-12 provides additional background on the Research Paper priorities.