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ETA Publishes 2013 Lower Living Standard Income Levels
Mar 25, 2013
Title I of the Workforce Investment Act requires the Secretary of Labor to update and publish the Lower Living Standard Income Level (LLSIL) tables annually, for uses described in the law (including determining eligibility for youth). WIA defines the term "low income individual" as one who qualifies under various criteria, including an individual who received income for a six-month period that does not exceed the higher level of the poverty line or 70 percent of the LLSIL.

  • WIA Section 101(25) defines the term "low income individual" for eligibility purposes.

  • Sections 127(b)(2)(C) and 132(b)(1)(B)(v)(IV) define the terms "disadvantaged youth" and "disadvantaged adult" in terms of the poverty line or LLSIL for State formula allotments.

  • The governor and State/local workforce investment boards (WIBs) use the LLSIL for determining eligibility for youth and adults for certain services.

The Employment and Training Administration has published the 2013 LLSIL tables in the March 19, 2013 FEDERAL REGISTER. The notice outlines complete background, lists the ETA contacts (Sam Wright, Jennifer Kemp) for questions, and provides the tables.