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ETA Issues PY 2013 Workforce Information Grants to States: Policy and Program Guidance, Application Instructions, and Formula Allocations
May 13, 2013

The Employment and Training Administration has issued Training and Employment Guidance Letter 29-12.

The provides  policy and program guidance for the development, management, and delivery of Labor Market Information and Workforce Information (LMI-WI) funded through  Workforce Information Grants to States (WIGS ) for services to job seekers, employers, educators, economic developers, and others .

The TEGL specifically addresses:

  • Required, Encouraged and Allowable Activities

  • Required Products (Workforce Information Database, State and local industry and occupational employment projections, statewide annual economic analysis report, and other economic and labor market reports an products.

  • Other encouraged activities

  • Required Methods (partnerships, customer consultation, data collection and research methodology, publication requirements, information technology specifications)

  • Application for Federal Assistance, Recordkeeping and Reporting Requirements (including annual performance report)

The TEGL has two attachments:

Workforce Information Grants to States, PY 2012 vs. PY 2013 Allotments
Consolidated Requirements for WIGS Grantees