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Department of Education to Establish a Negotiated Rulemaking Committee to Develop Standards for Programs that Prepare Students for Gainful Employment in a Recognized Occupation
Jun 13, 2013

The Department of Education has announced its intention to establish a negotiated rulemaking committee to prepare proposed regulations for the Federal Student Aid programs authorized under title IV of the Higher Education Act of 1965, as amended (HEA) (title IV Federal Student Aid programs).

The proposed regulations would establish standards for programs that prepare students for gainful employment in a recognized occupation.

The June 12, 2013 FEDERAL REGISTER provides full background and nomination protocols.  Nominations for negotiators to serve on the committee are requested by July 12.

Excerpts follow:

This committee will include representatives of organizations or groups with interests that are significantly affected by the subject matter of the proposed regulations. The Department has  identified the following constituencies as having interests that are significantly affected by the topic proposed for negotiations. The Department plans to seat as negotiators individuals from organizations or groups representing these  constituencies:

  • Students.
  • Legal assistance organizations that represent students.
  • Consumer advocacy organizations.
  • Financial aid administrators at postsecondary institutions.
  • State higher education executive officers.
  • State attorneys general and other appropriate State officials.
  • Business and industry.
  • Institutions of higher education eligible to receive Federal assistance under title III, Parts A, B, and F and title V of the HEA, which include Historically Black Colleges and Universities, Hispanic-Serving Institutions, American Indian Tribally Controlled Colleges and Universities, Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian-Serving Institutions, Predominantly Black Institutions, and other institutions with a substantial enrollment of needy students as defined in title III of the HEA.
  • Two-year public institutions of higher education.
  • Four-year public institutions of higher education.
  • Private, non-profit institutions of higher education.
  • Private, for-profit institutions of higher education.
  • Regional accrediting agencies.
  • National accrediting agencies.
  • Specialized accrediting agencies.