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Department of Labor 2014-2018 Strategic Plan Development: Secretary Perez Invites Ideas and Comments; ETA to Participate in August 5 External Stakeholder Webchat
Aug 2, 2013

A message from Secretary of Labor Thomas E. Perez:

Welcome to the Department of Labor's 2014-2018 Strategic Plan outreach and comment page.

We are updating the Department's Strategic Plan. The development and implementation of the Plan will reinforce our priorities and reaffirm and hone the Department's mission to ensure access to opportunity for all. That means more opportunity for workers to acquire the skills they need to succeed, and for employers to have the skilled workforce required to compete in a global economy; more opportunity to earn a fair day's pay for a fair day's work; more opportunity for workers and employers to compete on a level playing field; more opportunity for our veterans to thrive in the civilian economy; more opportunity for people with disabilities to contribute productively to the workforce; more opportunity to retire with dignity and peace of mind; and more opportunity for people to work in a safe and healthy environment and with the full protection of our anti-discrimination laws.

The best way to promote and protect opportunity is through collaboration, consensus-building and pragmatic problem-solving. Throughout nearly 30 years in public service, I have approached tough challenges by making room for as many people as possible around the table in search of common ground. That's how I will continue to do business as Secretary of Labor. Therefore, I urge all DOL stakeholders to actively participate in the development of the Department's Strategic Plan by reviewing our proposed strategies and providing your feedback and comments about the direction we are taking.

Submit your ideas and comments to, and take advantage of the webchat schedule noted below to join DOL agencies and leadership in a discussion about their strategies and priorities. Your participation will assure that the proposed strategies and priorities provide the Department with a strong roadmap for creating more opportunity for more people.

I am proud to start this job at such a pivotal moment for working people, our economy and the entire nation. I look forward to carrying on the great work of the U.S. Department of Labor, executing a mission that is as important as ever.

The Department of Labor 2014-2018 Strategic Plan Outreach webpage contains the schedule for the external Department’s stakeholder webchats. The Employment and Training Administration is scheduled to participate on the Monday, August 5 call at 2:00 p.m.