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ETA Announces New Electronic Tool -- mySkills myFuture - to Launch on September 6
Aug 31, 2010

The Employment and Training Administration has announced a new electronic tool, mySkills, myFuture, which will officially launch on September 6, 2010.

The tool will enable job seekers and intermediaries such as employment counselors to match a worker's occupational skills and experiences with the skills needed in other occupations, in order to enhance their career mobility and economic prospects. mySkills, myFuture is designed for use as either a self-help tool or with the assistance of expert advisers, and is intended for the following audiences:

All job seekers with some employment history (including dislocated workers);

Staff intermediaries in One Stop Career Centers, including career guidance and employment counselors;

Non-profit groups, community based organizations, and other entities that retrain workers;

Businesses interested in retraining their workforce, as part of an effort to redesign their production or service processes, implement new technologies, or simply to enhance the skills of their workforce; and

Economic development agencies seeking to retrain workers in order to help area firms grow, attract firms to relocate in, or persuade firms to remain in the local area.

mySkills, myFuture is designed to meet various needs. For example, an individual would be able to: 1) use her/his previous employment experience to identify similar occupations for which s/he may be qualified; 2) identify the skills s/he needs but lacks to qualify for a specific job; 3) identify education, training and apprenticeship institutions where these skills can be obtained; and 4) provide links to relevant job opportunities in national and state job banks.

The following features have been included in this new tool:

  • Links to job banks and job openings;

  • Links to education and training courses, apprenticeships, and certifications needed to qualify for the occupations that the tool identifies;

  • High-growth and green occupations are automatically highlighted;
  • Access to all other CareerOneStop electronic tools; and

    A user feedback button labeled "Rate this Page" to enable site visitors to offer comments or suggestions.

Training and Employment Notice 09-10 provides additional background on the tool as well as an updated Electronic Tools Guide Fact Sheet.