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What's New in Workforce Investment Archive: Headlines (1999)

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Dec 27, 1999
Rehabilitation Services Administration Information Memorandum: Developing Memoranda Of Understanding
Dec 10, 1999
Current Policies: Performance Accountability - Final Regulatory Process - Planning Guidance
Nov 08, 1999
Skills for a New Century: A Blueprint for Lifelong Learning
Nov 04, 1999
ITA/Eligible Provider Demonstration Information Sessions Questions and Answers
Oct 21, 1999
Department of Labor issues policy on hold-harmless
Oct 19, 1999
ITA/Eligible Provider Briefing Book
Oct 07, 1999
Proposed State Unified Plan Planning Guidance Now Available
Sep 23, 1999
New Planning Tools: Timeline for Submission of State and Local Plans and Readiness Checklist
Sep 17, 1999
Solicitation for proposals to conduct regional consortium building activities
Sep 15, 1999
Department of Labor Issues Policy on Single Workforce Investment Area
Sep 10, 1999
Submitting Plans for the Youth Activities Portion of WIA
Sep 03, 1999
Chart of State Plan Status Available Now
Sep 02, 1999
The application for the ITA/Eligible Provider Demonstration Project is now available!
Aug 26, 1999
New Listing of State WIA Contacts
Aug 09, 1999
WIA Customer Satisfaction and Continuous Improvement Papers
Aug 06, 1999
Closeout of State Formula Funded Activities under JTPA
Aug 02, 1999
AJN Weekly Reports
Aug 02, 1999
August WIA Town Hall Meetings
Aug 02, 1999
Toll-Free Access To Job Training and Worker Assistance
Jul 21, 1999
National Workforce Development Research Symposium
Jul 16, 1999
Statement on Implementation by Assistant Secretary Bramucci to Senate Subcommittee
Jul 14, 1999
Nine Early Implementing States Begin WIA Transition on July 1, 1999
Apr 27, 1999
New Consultation Paper on WIA Performance Accountability Issues Published
Apr 26, 1999
Latest Version of America's Job Bank (Version 4.0) Is Released
Apr 21, 1999
ETA Announces Grants To Increase Effectiveness of Reemployment Services for UI Claimants
Apr 15, 1999
Workforce Investment Act Satellite Broadcast Set for April 29
Apr 15, 1999
WIA Interim Final Regulations Published in the Federal Register
Apr 14, 1999
Implementation Training Materials Now Available On-line
Mar 24, 1999
WIA Performance Accountability Consultation Papers Published in the Federal Register
Mar 02, 1999
Bramucci Names Lenita Jacobs-Simmons to ETA Front Office
Mar 02, 1999
Comments on Perkins Act and WIA Impact Invited by Education Department
Feb 18, 1999
Planning Guidance for Strategic Five-Year State Plan Now Finalized After OMB Approval
Jan 19, 1999
Site Index Now Available to Help Navigate This Page
Jan 11, 1999
See the Joint Memorandum on WIA Implementation from ETA and Education
Jan 06, 1999
Update on Interim Final Regulations and Opportunity for Public Comment