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Did you know ?

  • WIA Formula

  • RExO
    • The RExO-Adult grants have provided an employment-centered reentry approach in more than 60 communities across the country that have high numbers of returning offenders.
    • The Reintegration of Ex-Offenders program began as the Prisoner Reentry Initiative, through a Presidential directive, in 2006.

  • YouthBuild
    • AmeriCorps, Peace Corps, and Job Corps can be counted as placements.
    • The 10 percent limitation means no more than 10 percent of grant funds may be used for the supervision and training of participants engaged in the rehabilitation or construction of community and other public facilities. The term "community or other public facility" means those facilities which are publicly owned and publicly used for the benefit of the community. Examples include public use buildings such as recreation centers, libraries, public park shelters, or public schools. This term may also encompass facilities used by the program but only if the facility is available for public entry and use. t is not required that grantees include rehabilitation/construction of community and other public facilities in their programs.