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Green Job Initiatives

The Employment and Training Administration's recent work around Green Jobs aligns with President Obama's vision to foster a greener economy and a green-educated workforce. ETA is working to leverage its knowledge base to support and expand Green Jobs in our economy. ETA recognizes that multiple internal and external policy drivers shape Green Jobs: economic recovery and job creation; economic competitiveness; energy independence, efficiency, and security; environmental protection; and financial growth. In addition, industrial sectors, and occupations are changing through the development of Green Jobs.

ETA is positioned to provide labor market intelligence and work with core-constituencies of labor, industry, and education to identify relevant Green Jobs skills and develop competency models leading to meaningful career ladders. Through its strategic partnerships, ETA can foster the development of Green Jobs by providing career information and guidance; developing education and training models in concert with apprenticeship programs and community colleges; and by aligning its own programs.


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Solicitations for Grant Applications

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Recognizing that Green Jobs are playing an important role in multiple industries, ETA included Green Jobs skills in its recently released Residential Construction competency model. To view the model, please visit