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Project Title: Skills Certification Project for Southern California
Target Industry: Advanced Manufacturing
Grant Amount: $1,618,334.00

Project Title: A Partnership for Defining the Biotech Workforce
Target Industry: Biotechnology
Grant Amount: $2,510,117.00

Project Title: San Juan College Regional Training Center
Target Industry: Energy
Grant Amount: $2,113,127.00

Project Title: Auto Sales and Service Training Pathways
Target Industry: Automotive
Grant Amount: $1,496,680.00

Project Title: Career Skills Education Program
Target Industry: Not Sector-Specific
Grant Amount: $142,000.00

Project Title: 
Target Industry: Not Sector-Specific
Grant Amount: $971,200.00

Project Title: Front-Line Skills Certification
Target Industry: Hospitality
Grant Amount: $1,121,166.00

Project Title: Northern Willamette Valley STEM Initiative
Target Industry: Not Sector-Specific
Grant Amount: $2,000,000.00

Project Title: Greater St. Louis Area Automotive Training Consortium
Target Industry: Advanced Manufacturing
Grant Amount: $1,499,998.00

Project Title: The Arizona Information Technology Skills Training Initiative
Target Industry: Information Technology
Grant Amount: $3,403,168.00

Project Title: Manufacturing for Oklahoma‚Äôs Vital Economic Sustainability (Project MOVES)
Target Industry: Advanced Manufacturing
Grant Amount: $1,500,000.00

Project Title: Oregon Governor's Healthcare Workforce Initiative
Target Industry: Health Care
Grant Amount: $300,000.00