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Training and Employment Services Account

ETA's budget has seven appropriation accounts which cover the following programs:
(The programs below may be funded in the current budget and/or historical budgets. Brief descriptions of these programs can be found at the Descriptions of Program page.)

Training and Employment
Services Account
  • Adult Training Grants
  • Adult Employment and Training Activities
  • Dislocated Worker Assistance
  • Dislocated Worker Employment and Training Activities
  • Skills Shortage Grants
  • Youth Training Grants
  • Summer Youth Employment & Training
  • Youth Activities
  • Youth Opportunity Grants
  • Rewarding Youth Achievement
  • Migrant Youth
  • Job Corps
  • National Activities
    • Native Americans
    • Migrants & Seasonal Farmworkers
    • Veterans Employment
    • Labor Market Information
    • Research & Evaluation
    • Pilots & Demos
    • Technical Assistance
    • Incentive Grants
    • Pilots, Demonstrations and Research
    • H-1B Skill Training Grants
    • Responsible Reintegration for Young Offenders
    • Evaluations
    • Youth Fair Chance
    • Opportunity Areas for Out-of-School Youth
  • School-to-Work Opportunities
  • Nat'l Occupation & Information Coordinating Committee
  • National Skill Standards Advisory Board
  • Women in Apprenticeship
  • Homeless Vets - McKinney Act

Welfare-to-Work Jobs Account
  • Welfare-To-Work

Community Service Employment for
Older Americans Account
  • National Contracts
  • State Grants

State Unemployment Insurance and
Employment Service Operations Account
  • Unemployment Insurance Program
  • Employment Service
    • Allotments to States
    • Reemployment Service Grants
    • One-Stop Career Centers
    • Work Incentive Grants
    • National Activites
      • Alien Labor Certification
      • TAT/Capacity Building
      • SESA Retirement
      • Work Opportunities Tax Credit
      • AgNet

Federal Unemployment Benefits
and Allowances Account
  • Trade Adjustment Benefits
  • Trade Adjustment Training
  • North American Free Trade Agreement Benefits
  • North American Free Trade Agreement Training

Advances to the Unemployment Trust Fund
and Other Funds Account
  • Unemployment Trust Fund

Program Operations Account
  • Program Operations
    (including Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training)