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WOTC Employer Participation Instructions

To receive certification that a new Veteran employee qualifies the employer for WOTC, the employer must:

  1. Complete page one of IRS Form 8850 (pdf) by the day the job offer is made.
  2. Complete page 2 of IRS IRS Form 8850 (pdf) after the individual is hired.
  3. Complete either the one page ETA Form 9061 (pdf) or Form 9062 as appropriate.

    For example:
    • If the new employee has already been conditionally certified as belonging to a WOTC target group by a state workforce agency (SWA) or participating agency, complete the bottom part of ETA Form 9062, sign and date it, or
    • If the new employee has not been conditionally certified, the employer and the new employee must complete, sign and date ETA Form 9061.
  4. Mail the completed and signed English versions of IRS and ETA forms to the employer's state workforce agency (SWA)
    • For hires made on or after November 22, 2011, and before May 22, 2012, employers have until June 19, 2012, to submit the forms.
    • For hires made after May 22, 2012, employers must submit the forms within 28 calendar days after the employee's employment-start date. (To find the address of the SWA in your state consult the Directory of State Coordinators).

Please refer to the WOTC Employer Guide and additional information for employers.

All required WOTC forms are available in English and Spanish.
Note. IRS, however, requires that new hires and employers complete and submit to the SWAs only the English version of a valid OMB approved IRS Form 8850. ETA also requires that only the English version of ETA Form 9061 or 9062 be submitted to the SWAs as part of a certification request.

MISROUTED MAIL...EMPLOYERS and CONSULTANTS: Your certification requests for each new employee hired must be sent to your State Workforce Agency not to the Department of Labor (DOL) in Washington, D.C. For an e-copy of the SWAs' Directory visit WOTC's website at: Effective July 2012, all misrouted mail received by DOL will be returned to the employer or consultant.