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Using this resource

Wherever possible, we have included a direct link to a specific data source that contains the greatest amount of information (especially a table, as opposed to a customized Web query), but you may wish to look elsewhere on the state’s Web site to determine if the same data are available in a different electronic format.  Some states provide information as an alternative to short-term projections, such as job vacancy (i.e., job openings) surveys. Therefore it’s a good idea to use the main LMI site to conduct a search (a feature not all states offer) or to examine the site map (if available) to look for other relevant data. If a cell in the table below is empty, this means that the state does not post this specific item online.  If a cell in one of the "Locality coverage" columns indicates coverage but there is no Internet link, the data can be found in the closest cell to the left with an Internet link.  NOTE:  For states marked like this, Maine, it is not possible to establish a bookmark directly to some or all of the hyperlinks below. Therefore, although the hyperlink includes the correct URL address, clicking on it will not lead one to the projections site.  We have informed the responsible parties of this situation. 

BLS and ETA background

For background on national employment projections, see the BLS employment projections homepage, and for background on state employment projections see the background section at the end of this document.  The states basically follow the BLS projections methodology, but are free to adapt it (subject to BLS review) to special state or local conditions. Some states post an explanation of their projections methodology.