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Employment and Training Community

Workforce Investment Act Planning Resources
Information on implementation of WIA and phasing out of JTPA.

Budget & Grants
Information on ETA's budget and state allocations, as well as information on RFPs, SGA, RFQs, and RFIs.

Programs & Initiatives
What's happening in ETA's national initiatives (One-Stop, ALMIS) and various program offices. Find out about assistance programs available to workers affected by massive layoffs.

System Building
We have new ideas and approaches. Learn what's happening via Capacity Building for Workforce Professionals, ES Revitalization, the

The Policy and Administrative Corner

Legislation, regulations, rules, policies, and directives which affect employment and training programs.

Policy and Research
  The Office of Policy and Research leads in the development and testing of Agency social-science and related research approaches and evaluates programs. Information on the results of research and evaluation efforts is disseminated to practitioners, policymakers and the general public.

* Research and Evaluation Monograph Series, research on specific populations, youth, dislocated workers, the homeless at:

* Manages Agency's congressionally required five-year Research Plan under the Workforce Investment Act.
* SPIR (Standardized Program Information Reporting) system available-useful tool identifying high-achieving State and local delivery programs.
* Dissemination Information: Reports accessible on-line with brief synopsis.
* Links to information on SCANS, youth, school-to-work and others.

The general waiver authority is for a period of one program year beginning July 1, 1997 and provides increased flexibility to States and local areas in implementing reforms to the workforce development system in exchange for State and local accountability for results, including improved performance.


  Insure Kids Now
You love your children and work hard to help them grow up strong and healthy.But like many parents, you haven't been able to give them health insurance. Now,many families who work hard to make ends meet can get low-cost or free health insurance for their children through 18 years of age.
Child Health Insurance Program
The Department of Health and Human Services is implementing their FY'98 new Child Health Insurance Program (CHIP) , which is designed to expand health insurance coverage to more than 10 million American children who have no health insurance. This jointly funded Federal-State program is intended to provide insurance to children in families which have too much income to qualify for Medicaid but too little income to pay for private insurance.
America's Labor Market Information System (ALMIS)
America's Labor Market Information System (ALMIS) is a dynamic system that produce high quality, standardized labor market information and tools in a variety of media and formats for use by job seekers, employers, and workforce development professionals.

Supporting Organizations, External Partners & Associations
Learn about the national, regional, and state and local groups that may be able to offer assistance for your employment and training needs.

Employment and Training Community Directories
A collection of directories listing key contacts at the federal, state, and local level.

How did they invent their wheel? Read about promising program delivery practices, School-to-Work programs, the full text of the Industry Skill Standards, and check the quality awards page for more ideas.

A Guide to Activity-Based Cost Allocation
Technical Assistance Guide (TAG) for financial practitioners and program managers of several organizations which are integrating separately managed programs into one system.