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In order to assist you, please read:

For all inquiries relating to public job finding, placement, and training services or employers seeking qualified workers, please contact your state or local public workforce center (also known as One-Stop centers, Job Service centers or similar titles). For information about the public workforce center nearest you, please go to:

If you are seeking employment in the United States, a no-fee nationwide listing of available job openings for each state is available at JOBcentral National Labor Exchange:

If you would like to match your occupational skills and experience with the skills needed in other occupations, please go to mySkills, myFuture, at:

If you are seeking available grants from the Employment and Training Administration, please go to:

Contact Information:

To better serve your needs you may wish to include: Name, Residence, Email and Telephone number.

For all other inquiries relating to specific employment and training programs, please contact:

For technical issues with the Website or accessibility problems, please contact:

Note: Your request will be transmitted to an appropriate office for reply.

Thank you for contacting the Employment and Training Administration.