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Indian and Native American Program. Pictures of Native american workers.


DATE: January 15, 2004



SUBJECT: Policy Guidance on Data Validation and Common Measures

1. PURPOSE. To provide Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration's (ETA) Section 166, Indian and Native American grantees with the updated policy issuances on data validation and the common measures.

2. REFERENCES: DINAP BULLETIN NO. 02-04, Attachments: Training and Employment Notice No. 8-02; Training and Employment Notice No. 14-02.
President's Management Agenda,;
OMB Director's Memorandum M-02-06,

3. BACKGROUND. The President's Management Agenda requires Federal agencies to improve the management and performance of government programs. Therefore, it is important that the data upon which performance is based, is accurate and reliable. Accordingly, in 2004, the ETA will begin implementing data validation and common measures requirements for States and their respective grantees as well as grants funded under the Office of National Programs including; Migrant and Seasonal Farmworkers, Senior Community Service Employment, and Native American Programs.

Data Validation: Beginning in 2004, Indian and Native American grantees will be required to validate their PY 2003 annual program reports. The Supplemental Youth Services (SYS) report which is due by June 30, 2004, and the Comprehensive Service (CS) report which is due by September 30, 2004, will require data validation. Grantees will have until January 31, 2005, to validate both of these reports.

ETA has contracted with Mathematica Policy Research (MPR) to assist in the implementation of data validation for all DOL programs including DINAP. MPR is working with DINAP and Bear Tracks consultants to develop the processes as they relate to validation. DINAP will work with the Advisory Council's Technology and Reporting Workgroups to ensure data validation is implemented.

The Department previously provided all State workforce agencies with Training and Employment Notice (TEN) No. 14-02 advising them of ETA's data validation initiative. TEGL 3-03 (attached to this bulletin) provides information regarding ETA's data validation policy.

Common Measures: ETA is in the process of developing and implementing a single comprehensive system to collect, record, and report program performance for workforce programs. The common measures are an integral part of ETA's performance accountability system, however, these measures provide only part of the information necessary to effectively oversee the workforce investment system. ETA will continue to collect from states and grantees all the data on program activities, participants, and outcomes that is necessary for program management and to convey full and accurate information on the performance of workforce programs to policymakers and stakeholders.

The attached TEGL No. 15-03 provides additional information on ETA's policy on common performance measures for Federal job training and employment programs, including guidelines on program participation and exit.

Please be advised that the current reporting forms and instructions for the INA grantees will continue to be used through the end of PY 2003 (June 30, 2004). However, the implementation of the common measures in PY 2004 will require changes to the reporting system for the INA CSP and SYP programs. The Department will be working with the Advisory Council's Reporting Workgroup to review and develop required revisions to the report forms.

4. INQUIRIES. Contact your DINAP Federal Representatives, Athena Brown, and Andrea Brown,, (East Region) at 202/693-3737 and 202/693-3736 respectively; Duane Hall and Dawn Anderson (Midwest Region) 214/767-2088 and 202/693-3745, and ; and Guy Suetopka and Si Seciwa (West Region) at 206/553-6195; and

Acting Division Chief
Division of Indian and
Native American Programs

Office of National Programs

TEGL 15-03.pdf
TEGL 3-03.pdf

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